Meet Our Team

Kati Whitledge


Kati opened Be Inspired Salon in late July of 2010. Kati’s vision is clear. She wants to lead her team in operating an upscale salon with a superior culture. She has the highest standards for her team in regard to communication, character and customer service. A boutique experience in her mind is sweeping guests off their feet from the moment they arrive until their next reservation. She’s sophisticated and chic, yet unexpectedly explicit. Though she’s professional and polished, if you know her, she has a refreshing dose of honesty and humor.

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Holly Graham

Salon Administrative Manager

Holly is the perfect fit as our Salon Administrative Manager. She is responsible for managing your experience from the moment you call us and walk through our doors. Though she is driven by accomplishing tasks, she is very laid back and easy to talk with. She even has an amazing sense of humor! She looks forward to meeting you and building a fabulous relationship with you!

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Whitney Coburn

Master Stylist + Director of Education + DevaCurl Educator

Cutting Specialist

For Whitney, it's about creating a connection with each client. She is passionate about working with wavy, curly and super curly hair! No matter where you are on your curl journey, she will work with you to find your perfect hairstyle and hair color. She also takes into account the best routine that will support your lifestyle.

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Anna Morgan

Master Stylist + Social Media Manager

Cutting Specialist

If you are looking for a Stylist that you can just go sit down and trust they’ll give you amazing results with each visit, then Anna may be the best fit for you. She is extremely confident in her advice and would like that you just sit back and enjoy each other’s company. She works best with those who understand that your Stylist is the expert. This will bring you a lot of relief; you will be in great hands!

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Erin Conn

Lead Stylist

Cutting Specialist

Erin is more than a Hair Stylist. She is a friend. She is interested in you as a person and cares deeply about people. Even though she is serious about delivering high-level results, she wants this to be a joyful escape from the serious side of life. If you’re looking to just relax and enjoy your experience, Erin might be the best fit for you!

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Brittany Harshbarger

Lead Stylist

Cutting Specialist

Brittany is solid Stylist and you can count on her. If she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll reach out to her colleagues and will thoughtfully prepare a plan for you. If you’re very bold and usually know what you like and what you do not like, Brittany may be the best fit for you. She even enjoys comical personalities who enjoy sarcasm in a fun and friendly manner.

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Diana Schmiedlin

Lead Stylist

Cutting Specialist

Diana is one of the most respectful people you’ll meet. She is a very hard worker and will not skip steps in service performance. She loves children and is extremely patient. She is best suited for those of you who have an idea of what you’re looking for as she will work diligently to bring your wants to fruition.

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Jena Satterlee

Lead Stylist

Cutting Specialist

Jena is a happy soul. She is a lover and we don’t think she’s ever had ill feelings about anyone. She sees the good in all. Though she will listen first and foremost, she is extremely creative and eager to offer you trendy options. She works best with shy guests who want to be around positive people or comical guests who want to laugh and view their time with us as a chance to have fun.

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Nate Mael

Lead Stylist

Cutting Specialist

Nate has a childlike spirit. He’s by far the favorite amongst our baby booming demographic. He’s playful so as to bring a smile to your face. But don’t let this fool you, Nate is so passionate about his career and wants to be the expert you come to for all your related questions. If working with products is your struggle, then Nate may be the best fit for you.

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Jes Marvin

Lead Stylist + Assistant Director of Education

Cutting Specialist

Jes is an amazing talent behind the chair. She produces solid haircutting, hair coloring and waxing results. She brings a unique perspective to each individual because she’s passionate about giving you a custom style and experience. She is an outstanding bridal stylist as well! If you desire working with a stylist that is real and authentic, you’re going to love working with Jes.

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Micaela Mullenberg

Associate Stylist

Cutting Specialist

Micaela is a pro communicator! Not only is she extremely communicative, she is a phenomenal educator if you desire someone who is going to take you step by step through your appointment experience. We believe she has that special ability to relate well with a variety of personalities. She’s down to earth yet takes her profession very seriously.

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Hailey Coy

Associate Stylist + Bridal Coordinator

Cutting Specialist

Have you ever met someone and felt that the pleasure was all yours? This is how you will feel after working with Hailey. Hailey is one of those Stylists that just gets it. She is so well-rounded, responsible and a professional you can depend on. We are thrilled she is a part of our team and we believe you’ll be thrilled to work with her!

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Demi Mroz

Associate Stylist in Training

Cutting Specialist

Demi is a native to Madison! She is down to earth and eager to meet new people and learn all there is to learn about the world of beauty. She has a natural eye for color and excels in providing hair color and makeup services. She’s amazing with razor haircutting techniques and especially equipped for providing short haircuts. She’s most excited to learn all about working with naturally curly hair because she has curly hair herself. Also, she’s ready to rock the bridal scene in providing both bridal styles and bridal makeup. We are thrilled to have her join our team!

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Karla Olivares

Makeup Artist/Guest Service Representative

Karla turned her hobby into her career! Though her esthetician degree gives her abundant knowledge of all things skin care, she has a specific passion for makeup applications. She offers special occasion mineral and airbrush makeup for our brides and bridal parties, but also loves teaching women how to effectively enhance their everyday makeup!

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Katie Semrow

Apprentice Stylist

Cutting Specialist

Katie is such an amazing addition to our team! She’s task oriented and phenomenal at achieving her daily work goals. We appreciate her work ethic as well as how easy it is to talk with her. She’s always smiling and always positive. Katie is so excited to start as a future Apprentice with us! Stay tuned…

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Jessica Eversoll

Guest Service Representative

Jessica is our go-getter! It’s hard to know when she works because she’s always on the move. She enjoys staying busy and enjoys making sure all the salon needs have been met. Jessica has been with us since high school and has continued with us while she studies business at the UW Madison.

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Haleigh Anderson

Guest Service Representative

Haleigh is kind and very helpful! She has a passion for caring for others, as she has experience working and volunteering in nursing homes. Haleigh’s also very ambitious. Her goal after high school is to pursue the field of engineering. We are so thankful she’s a part of our team.

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Paley Nordlof

Guest Service Representative

Paley joins us in the midst of finishing her Master’s degree in Social Work. She’s loves working with and serving others. She’s a fabulous communicator and a competent leader. She is kind, caring, and looking for ways to serve her team and our guests. How unique that prior to Paley joining our team, she was one of our beloved curly hair guests. We are excited for you to meet her if you have not already.

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