Stylist Levels

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Partnership Program

Hair Stylists are typically kinesthetic learners. Meaning, they must do to learn. The best way for our apprentices and new talent stylists to become better at their craft is by allowing them as many opportunities as possible to provide services. This is why we’ve created the partnership program. When you book an appointment with an Apprentice and/or an Associate Stylist in training, you allow these new-to-the-industry professionals to develop their skills. All appointment consultations will be accompanied by a mentoring Stylist. Following each appointment, your Stylist will send you a brief survey so that we as a team can improve their training program, specific to areas they require additional guidance.


Apprentices are training to become State Licensed Barbers and Cosmetologists through a partnership between Be Inspired Salon, the State of Wisconsin and Madison College. It’s an awesome opportunity for hopeful professionals to work while they learn. They are available to offer services once they pass their technical exam. We believe you’re in great hands with one of our Apprentice Stylists because they have the guidance of each team member. Following your appointment, your Stylist will send you a brief survey so they can improve their training program specific to areas they require additional guidance.

If you are someone who’s compassionate to grow with your Stylist, then an Apprentice Stylist may be the best fit for you!

Associate Stylist in Training

Level 1

Associate Stylists in training have completed beauty school, and they’ve completed our introductory new-hire training program. They’ve typically been in their career for six to twelve months. They collaborate with elder stylists for every hair color consultation, to ensure the proper formulas and color placement patterns. Following your appointment, your Stylist will send you a brief survey so we are able to gain feedback, and if necessary, give them the additional training they need to produce exceptional experiences for every guest they take care of.

Associate Stylist

Level 2

Associate Stylists are competent in performing haircutting and hair coloring services, and are working on building more confidence as they perfect their skills. At this point it’s all about gaining more and more experience behind the chair, accompanied by more intense advanced education.

Lead Stylist

Level 3

Lead Stylists have accumulated a great amount of experience behind the chair and are well equipped to offer more advanced solutions for hair color. They’re also proficient in advanced haircutting techniques that are custom to each individual they work with. They are problem solvers and are especially equipped to take on large color changes and color correction challenges.

Master Stylist

Level 4+

Master Stylists are the elite in their craft and have the largest demand for their time behind the chair. They’ve put in the time, energy, and education necessary to earn their title. They are phenomenal communicators who are going to deliver advanced haircutting and coloring techniques that are custom to each guest. At this point, there won’t be many haircutting or hair coloring challenges they haven’t faced. They’re exceptional professionals who inspire their teammates, and empower their guests to embrace their authenticity!